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Bundaberg Gem and Mineral Soc. Inc.

Kendalls Rd, Bundaberg, QLD 4670 - PO Box 386, Bundaberg, QLD 4670

ph: 07 4155 1500 (club hours)

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Beading is the art of attaching beads to each other or to cloth. Usually with a needle and thread or soft flexible wire.
A bead is a decorative object that has a whole through the middle that allows you to string it or thread it.
Beading is an old art, that can be done on a loom, or you can off loom weave, stringing together to make jewellery or other personal adornments. They can also be embroidered, crotchet or knitted on clothing garments, bags or any other type of clothing accompaniment.
Beading is used quite often to make wall hangings.


Beading Anon Certificate supplied by Bead Inspired. Thank you Kathryn